When I decided to offer this unique service, it only made sense that we offer a spray tanning service that is UV-free, quick to apply, safe and healthy. The end result is a beautiful golden and natural tanthat fully develops within 8 hours. The tan will last on average 7 days depending on the skin type and post-tan maintenance and care.

So how do we achieve the most perfect and flawless tan? We use the best tanning solutions, containing high quality DHA combined with surfactants, humectants, emollients and organic pigments at optimum PH-level to give you an incredibly natural tan.

  • No wrinkles, orange hands, dirty-looking patches or streaks
  • No long hours in the sun or on a sunbed

The tanning solution allows us to adjust the level of DHA tanning according to our client’s desired colour. Especially for our brides we opt for natural tones which will complement your photographs.
Our solutions are uniquely different and catering for every type of skin from very fair to dark customers. The solutions can be mixed together to form combinations and the colour can be strengthened using DHA Booster drops, Aroma Drops and Bronzer Drops.

Ultimately we customized your spray tan to your wishes and a gradual improvement can be attained with each customer visit.
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